Peach here,

You might be wondering how I got my name? It all started in 2016 and the purchase of one very big peachy project. With a belly full of baby and 3 more children, we somehow thought it a great time to buy a new house. I blame the hormones! Well, we found one, it had amazing potential but was head to toe peach, the collars, the cuffs, more peach than you could possibly imagine. With not enough thought into how we were going to complete and afford the build and with 4 kids in tow, we signed the papers and the Peach Palace was ours.

My life was relatively simple before then. A day job as a dentist and only a smidge over the average 2.4 children. Then the renovation bomb was dropped. Along with the dust and the middle of the night anxiety, along came a passion that I had always known had been there but had never had the chance to fully indulge. Interiors.

My sanity throughout the whole project came in the form of Instagram and my blog. I found it a constant way to replenish my creative juices and connect with other interior addicts. With the dust settled and the peach deleted I dived head first into some incredible opportunities that social media had sent my way. Now here we are.